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Jeff's Market

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Minced meat preparationJeff’s Market, of Polk, NE provides custom meat processing services for pork, beef, deer, buffalo and more. You’ll find high quality and personalized service as a valued customer. Bring us your animal and we’ll process it for you according to your specific instructions. And, if you aren’t sure what your options are, we’ll be happy to provide information to help you make an informed decision.


Also Available:

  • Drug and hormone free beef
  • Retail meat from our coolers
  • Whole, half, or quarters of an animal that we personally select from one of our producers


No Freezer Space?


Have your meat processed at Jeff’s Market and you can rent a cold locker from us for an $8.00/month fee. For $12.00/month you can store items which were not processed at Jeff’s Market. We’re all about convenience for our customers!


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